The Rainbow Experiment


Saturday, Nov. 10 at 9:00pm
Sunday, Nov. 11 at 3:15pm
Tivoli Theatre
Tivoli Theatre

Things spiral out of control in a high school in Manhattan when a terrible accident involving a science experiment permanently injures a teen. A whodunit that features a multiplicity of perspectives, “The Rainbow Experiment” — directed by New Filmmakers Forum alum Christina Kallas (“42 Seconds of Happiness,” SLIFF 2016) — chronicles the explosion of emotions that follows the literal blast, with the damage extending well beyond the victim to include teachers, parents, school authorities, and classmates. The Young Folks website writes: “‘The Rainbow Experiment’ is above all an ensemble piece designed to magnify dozens of powerful performances. Skillfully guided by Kallas, the scenes were all shot in one take while allowing room for improvisation. The naked immediacy of the drama and the urgency of the strained emotions suggests John Cassavetes at his most indulgent, especially as school and police investigators start peeling back the other characters’ emotional and psychological defenses.”

129 min.

Directed by

Christina Kallas



Film Category

American Indie Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight


Bullying Education Youth


Drama Mystery
With director Kallas.