Rainbow Fields

Xhoihobote Dhemalite


Saturday, Nov. 3 at 12:05pm
Sunday, Nov. 4 at 2:15pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

In “Rainbow Fields,” a famous film director goes on a soul-searching journey, returning to his native village after hearing the news of a childhood friend’s death. The director must confront the unresolved vestiges of a terrible childhood accident in a bid for redemption and closure. “Rainbow Fields” provocatively explores the Nellie Massacre — a 1983 pogrom in which more than 2,000 Muslims were slaughtered in the Indian state of Assam, with the village of Nellie at the epicenter. “Rainbow Fields,” explains director Bidyut Kotoky, “deals with the underlying effects of the violence witnessed in the state since that incident and how it has severely impacted the minds of children who have grown up with it.” The film stars the iconic Indian actor Victor Banerjee, who debuted in Satyajit Ray’s “The Chess Players” and is best known in the West for his roles in David Lean’s “Passage to India” and Roman Polanski’s “Bitter Moon.”

89 min.

Directed by

Bidyut Kotoky



Film Category

Asian Focus International Spotlight


Family Issues Mental Health Youth


With producer Nitesh Batra.