The Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra with The Half Breed

180 min.


Saturday, Nov. 10 at 7:00pm
Webster U./Moore

St. Louis’ Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra returns to SLIFF with an original score and live accompaniment for “The Half Breed,” a newly restored silent featuring Hollywood legend Douglas Fairbanks. In an attempt to brand himself as a serious actor, the smiling swashbuckler Fairbanks starred in this Western melodrama written by Anita Loos and directed with flair by Allan Dwan. Fairbanks stars as Lo Dorman, who has been ostracized from society because of his mixed ethnicity — his Native American mother was abandoned by his white father. When Lo catches the eye of the rich white debutante Nellie (Jewel Carmen), he becomes a target for the racist Sheriff Dunn (Sam De Grasse), who wants to break them up and take Nellie for his own. “The Half Breed” plays as part of double bill with the documentary “I, Douglas Fairbanks.”

$20 for special event

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With a performance by the Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra.