St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase Sampler

96 min.


Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 7:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

A selection of the best films from the 2018 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.

The 610 Project

Jessica Ambuehl & Alvaro Aro

The 610 Project is a grassroots organization focused on sustainable community development through education, vocational training, and micro-enterprise in two Haitian communes.

4 min.


Gabe Sheets

Daniel suffers amnesia after a violent car accident while fleeing police.

30 min.

Geek Lounge: Going Solo

Larry Ziegelman

On Cosplay Night, Abby makes a new friend who is too afraid to venture out and meet people of the opposite sex.

6 min.

The Joy of Doing

Ryan Fitzgerald & Jack Mulopulos

This portrait of 80-year-old Joy Stinger captures her bohemian spirit as she speaks of her interests, from collecting to beekeeping.

4 min.

Blair Trump Project

Paul Hibbard

Three filmmakers go into the woods to film a documentary about the greatest witch-hunt in the history of America.

6 min.

Love in a Vacuum

Jenna Anderson, Kyla Anderson, Paige Lockwood, Brent Uramoto & Lincoln Ward

The tragic tale of two Broombas in love.

4 min.

Saint Sinner

Brian Cooksey

A mobster is trying to enjoy a dinner at his restaurant when he notices a young punk who is seemingly disrespecting the dress code.

19 min.

The Stroke

Jessica Pierce

A woman experiences worrying symptoms and must find a way to fight through them.

4 min.


Caitlin Chiusano, Sean Esser & Zhara Honore

A planet-conquering alien mistakes a high-school mean girl for the ruler of Earth and competes against her for the Prom Queen crown.

5 min.


Van McElwee

Nonexistent objects move through the screen.

6 min.

Other People

Jackie Christy

Tarek, a Muslim man of South Asian descent, attempts to navigate a princess birthday party with his 5-year-old daughter, surrounded by suburban white moms.

8 min.