Stay Human


Sunday, Nov. 11 at 6:00pm
The Gathering

In a quest to find a path to stay human in an increasingly crazy world, musician Michael Franti (Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Spearhead) goes on an experiential journey, traveling the globe to tell the stories of people who have chosen to overcome cynicism with optimism and hope. Franti shares the tales of Robin Lim, a midwife who opened a birthing clinic in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon in the Philippines; of Steve and Hope Dezember, a young couple whose love carries them through Steve’s battle with ALS; of Arief Rabik, an environmental scientist in Bali who perfected a method to make industrial and household products with bamboo in an effort to curb deforestation; and of Sive Mazinyo and Busisiwwe Vazi, who help inspire their community of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, through music and education. Franti also tells the story on his own personal journey: facing adversity as a child, struggling to find his voice as a musician, and finding inspiration through the people he encounters on his musical travels. Woven throughout are moving performances of Franti’s songs and footage of his concerts.