St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

4 AM by Nathan Karimi

July 16-20, 2017

The Whitaker St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, an annual presentation of the nonprofit Cinema St. Louis, serves as the area’s primary venue for films made by local artists. The Showcase screens works that were written, directed, edited, or produced by St. Louis natives or films with strong local ties. The 12 film programs that screened at the Tivoli from July 17-21 serve as the Showcase’s centerpiece. The programs range from full-length fiction features and documentaries to multi-film compilations of fiction and documentary shorts. Programs with feature-length films include post-screening Q&As with filmmakers.

Submissions are now open for the 2017 festival. Deadline is May 31, 2017.

Download a PDF version of the 2016 festival.

18 films from the 2016 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase were invited to screen in competition at the 25th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival. They are:

4 AM directed by Nathan Karimi
35 Days directed by Chris Grega
Ambulance directed by Michael Rich
Bob’s Tour: Understanding What We See directed by Jun Bae
Committed directed by Terry Ziegelman
Exodus directed by Jun Bae
The Importance of Doubting Tom directed by Vanessa Roman
In the Pines directed by Elliot Geolat
Lionheart directed by Patrick Lawrence
The Lipinski directed by Nate Townsend
A Murmuration directed by Zlatko Cosic
The Perfect Note directed by Michelle Davidson
Profiling Race: Mike Higgins directed by John Pa and Matt Seilback
Renewed directed by Ashley Seering and Cory Byers
Show Me Democracy: Black Brunch directed by Dennis Desai
Tiny’s New Home directed by Justin Hayward
Top Son directed by Joseph Puleo
Two: A Story of Forgiveness directed by Julius Damenz

The documentary and narrative jury gave nearly 30 awards to a variety of highly talented filmmakers.




Best Costumes ­ THE LIPINSKI, Nate Townsend (director), John Hayden, Oliver Reed
Best Makeup ­ THE BRINGER OF THINGS, Katherine Shae Spradley, Megan Hill, Hannah Gates
Best Music ­ TINY’S NEW HOME, David Winer
Best Sound ­ 4AM, Michael Lohrum
Best Production Design ­ 4AM, Haley Disterhoff, Hannah Gates
Best Art Direction ­ LANDSCAPES, directed by Rebecca Ormond
Best Special/Visual Effects ­ DEAD NIGHTMARE, Michael Schilling
Best Editing ­ LISSY BORTON HAD AN AXE, Rohan Gandhi
Best Cinematography ­ INFINITE, Chris Odneiyi
Best Screenplay ­ 4AM, Nathan Karimi
Best Actor in a Film Under 20 minutes ­ Evan Ferrante, TOP SON
Best Actor in a Film Over 20 minutes ­ Travis Estes, 35 Days
Best Actress in a Film Under 20 minutes ­ Dana Melanie, LISSY BORTON HAD AN AXE
Best Actress in a Film Over 20 minutes ­ Christi Unterseh, THE B­GIRL
Best Director ­ Justin Hayward, TINY’S NEW HOME
Best Experimental Film ­ LANDSCAPES, directed by Rebecca Ormond
Best Comedy ­ TOP SON, directed by Joseph Puleo
Best Drama ­ SARGE, directed by Benjamin Dewhurst
Best Horror Film ­ LISSY BORTON HAD AN AXE, directed by Garrett Tripp
Best Narrative Under 20 Minutes ­ TINY’S NEW HOME, directed by Justin Hayward
Best Narrative Over 20 Minutes ­ 4AM, directed by Nathan Karimi


Best Graphics ­ MY IDENTITY, Yasmin Mistry (director), Alicia Chen, Songhee Lee, Sherry Xiao, Tara Clune
Best Use of Music ­ TRASHING HISTORY, directed by Mary Anne Rothberg and Sean McGing
Best Sound ­ RENEWED, directed by Ashley Seering & Cory Byers
Best Editing ­ PROFILING RACE: MIKE HIGGINS, Sarah Stevenson
Best Cinematography ­ PROFILING RACE: MIKE HIGGINS, Brett Crow
Best Director ­ John Pa & Matt Seilback, PROFILING RACE: MIKE HIGGINS
Vital Perspective Award ­ EXODUS, directed by Jun Bae
Best Documentary ­ RENEWED, directed by Ashley Seering & Cory Byers