Doc Shorts 1

88 min.


Sunday, Jul. 16 at 12:30pm

Family Rewritten

Yasmin Mistry
13 min.

A typical middle-class American teenager, Camilla finds herself in foster care just months before her 18th birthday.

I Am The Dance of Life

Randy Shinn
35 min.

Controversial transgender performance artist Susan Stone dances at music events in St. Louis and pushes the envelope of free expression.

Mike Sidwell, Strongman

Brian Jun
6 min.

Mike Sidwell talks about his journey and desire to be strong.

Phantom Glory: The Bob Little Story

Jacqui Poor
15 min.

After flying 68 combat missions during World War II, Bob Little became a flight engineer/test pilot for the McDonnell Aircraft corporation.

The Terrifying Jellyfish: A Tj Hughes Biography

Ryan Fitzgerald
4 min.

A portrait of up-and-coming digital artist Tj Hughes.

Tory Z Starbuck

Megan Griesenauer & Andrea Williams
15 min.

Tory Z Starbuck has been composing, recording, and performing experimental rock music in St. Louis since the 1980s.