Doc Shorts 1

84 min.


Friday, Jul. 12 at 7:00pm
Back to China
Dawn Dixon, 12 min.
Isabella Dixon, who was raised in St. Louis, returns to China for the first time after being adopted 19 years ago. 
Behind the Scenes with Kie
Erica Renee Walker, 4 min.
A profile of YouTuber Kiearra Fowler that explores her start on YouTube and her subsequent struggles and victories.
Black Girl Medicine
Nichole Thomas, 3 min.
Dr. Jennifer Moore discusses the experience of being a new black female doctor in St. Louis.
Bodies Like Oceans
Kat Cory, 13 min.
A dreamy portrait of photographer Shoog McDaniel, a self-described queer fat freak, whose work with fat bodies in nature transgresses reality.
The Deepest Cut
Alexandra Guillossou, 5 min.
A man with secondary-progressive MS struggles with his father’s inability to cope, his mother’s guilt about passing multiple sclerosis to him, and his fears for the future of his own two sons.
The Haircut
Britt Zuniga, 3 min.
An intimate look at a queer couple’s time together.
Karen Banks: Wellness
Barry Neal & Lauren Preston, 2 min.   
Karen Banks discusses the importance of mental health.
Markesha Cooper: My Story
Markesha Cooper, 4 min.
A film about overcoming low self-esteem and depression and using those difficulties as motivation to achieve goals.
No More Thoughts and Prayers
Angela Lamb, 20 min.
Interviews at the March for Our Lives with activists, including leaders of Moms Demand Action, who are fed up with gun violence and school shootings in the U.S. and demand change. 
Past Future Tense
Angela Guo, 4 min.
An intimate visual exploration of disquietude through mundane and surreal moments.
Makayla Hufziger, 4 min.
A combination of Julia Gillard’s “Misogyny Speech” and contemporary political women’s rights movements.
A Short Conversation with Christian Zehnder
Kriss Avery, 4 min.
Swiss singer Christian Zehnder, whose works span the fields of jazz and alpine music, attempts to infuse contemporary performance with the archaic resonances found in nature and traditional forms.
Take the Life Curve
Kriss Avery, 3 min.
A meditation on finding the proper limit on growth when consuming the Earth’s finite resources.
These Jeans
Jade Harrell, 3 min.
15 -year-old Zaire grapples with the challenges of being a young woman in the age of #metoo.