Experimental Shorts

76 min.


Sunday, Jul. 21 at 3:30pm
Confound Acts
Katina Bitsicas, 4 min.
This three-channel video — which combines nature footage, metaphorical symbols, and interview and courtroom audio — explores the ways in which the murder of a man in Verona, Ky.,  affects the families of both the victim and the perpetrators.
Green Lemon Buggy
Jessica Adkins & Shane Devine, 3 min.
This third-place winner of the Cinema at Citygarden Competition is a paper-cut stop-motion video by the Opera Bell Band that tells the musical story of a car made of fruits and vegetables. 
Ashley Seering, 1 min.
A remembrance of the director’s first visit to England in 2016.
I Wanna Be a Kid
Sam Nickelson, 3 min.
A subversive collection of children’s commercials for the real world.
If I Could
Zlatko Cosic, 3 min.
Minimal explorations of light and sound.
Illusive Echoes
Zlatko Cosic, 10 min.
Abstract explorations of light and sound.
Noah Ilbery, 3 min.
A meditation on space and how it came into existence.
Kadentsiya Tsivilizatsii (Cadence of Civilization)
Wyatt Fecht, 9 min.
Enigmatic visuals that allow multiple interpretations accompany composer Pierce Constanti’s score, which served as his senior thesis project.
Locomotive Organisms
Chris Aaron, 4 min.
Organisms are turned in all directions by the limpid wind of momentary sensation.
Matias Wajner, 8 min.
A young man’s journey through heartbreak and mental-health issues to ultimate victory.
Meet the 4 Tracks — A Visual EP: In Harmonium
Ken Koste, 6 min.
Four short music videos by a band of cassette-tape puppets.
Ken Koste, 2 min.
A stop-motion film featuring abstract geometric renderings of plants, animals, and one human.
The Moon
Warren Reed, 3 min.
A hypothetical expression of Neil Armstrong’s inner child when he set foot on the moon.
Zlatko Cosic, 3 min.
Minimal explorations of water and sound.
Story 3: Scenes 1-9
Zlatko Cosic, 5 min.
A multi-narrative experience in nine scenes.
Try Again
Daniel Flood, 5 min.
A disquisition on themes of environmentalism and commercialism.
Up Close & Personal
Jerod Welker, 4 min.
Twin children laugh, play, and express themselves.