Narrative Shorts 1

102 min.


Sunday, Jul. 16 at 7:15pm

Bouquets & Banana Peels

Spencer Elmore

Two brothers comically confront a lifetime of issues during a community-theater production.

Concession Standoff

Peter Grayson

Two movie-theater co-workers determine who has to train a new employee by involving him in a nerdy, spirited debate about their favorite movies.

Dream on Pig Boy

Ben Christensen & Ian Gibbs

Two amateur playwrights attempt to put on a production of their bizarre new play.

In A Mad House

Tim Mitten

A woman confronts her abusive ex-husband and finds that he has found another victim.

The Inside Job

Brooke Jolley

Special Agent Lane faces her archnemesis after several years of desperate searching only to find out more than she is prepared to stomach.

Max Vice

Kyle Niehaus

Max Vice — a no-nonsense cop from the 1980s with a love of booze, cocaine, and, above all, justice — awakens from a 30-year coma to find himself irrelevant in an unfamiliar world.

Swipe Right

Brooke Johnson

When a young man is dumped by his girlfriend, he decides to plunge into the world of dating apps but virtual love proves no less complicated than the real thing.

Table 21

Brooke Jolley

A nosy and overzealous waiter gets obsessively wrapped up in the personal affairs of a mysterious couple.