Narrative Shorts 2

88 min.


Monday, Jul. 17 at 5:00pm

Be Light

Damon Gaige Leco
3 min.

Roaming the ruins of a collapsed civilization, a higher being highlights the unsustainable trajectory and contradictions of an ego-driven society.


Rexx Villotti
13 min.

After their car breaks down on the side of the road, the rocky relationship between Jeff and Louise is strained to the point of failure.


Brandon Joseph Eckert
3 min.

Six greasers and an egg — the possibilities are endless.

Lester Leaps In

Mike Steinberg
30 min.

At a lumber mill in 1970s Montana, a middle manager struggles to produce a safety film.

The Night Owl

Anthony Nicolau
12 min.

A dark story of miscommunication and conflict between two neighbors living in New York City.


Isaac Knopf
17 min.

As preparation for a high-priority pitch at work intensifies, Ethan develops an uncontrollable urge to pull out his hair.