Narrative Shorts 3

98 min.


Monday, Jul. 17 at 7:00pm


Andres Colonna

An alien living on Earth discovers that he has been betrayed.

Coup De Grace

Michael Tilly Parks

A soldier must prove his loyalty to a totalitarian government by serving as a one-man firing squad.


Will Reddell

Haunted by his past, a man finds he can run. But can he ever escape?

Little Drummer Girl

Chris Benson

At the peak of the Civil War, a father is forced to make a grave decision after the loss of his family.

Mage Arc Zero

Aaron Stolze

A supernatural trainee learns to value his gift while letting go of his ambitions.

Oberon (The Sentient Sword)

Alexander Hernandez

A clever thief steals the mighty sword Oberon, but the blade only wants to return to its master.


Cesar Encalada

Post-Civil War, three outlawed brothers flee their town after gunning down the local authorities. Exhausted and with no resources, they plan to raid a dilapidated farmhouse and rob the sickened landlord.

Saving Buck

Cesar Encalada

An American paratrooper is lost behind enemy lines in Europe during World War II.