Narrative Shorts 5

93 min.


Wednesday, Jul. 19 at 7:00pm

Damage Over Time

Chris Null
16 min.

A compulsive gamer reaches rock bottom.

Greg's Going to Rehab

Chris Lawing
15 min.

It’s 1986, and 15-year-old Greg is off to rehab for screwing up … but not before one last party!

Richie and the Styles

Aaron Landgraf
24 min.

At the end of a long tour, a struggling jazz band receives news that the founder of an esteemed record label is to attend their next show.

Rob in The Hood

Greg Sporleder
18 min.

A modern-day version of the classic tale.

Spitting Image

Maxine Du Maine
9 min.

Jerome experiences the consequences of the unending cycle of gang violence in his urban community.


Spencer Elmore
11 min.

A hockey-playing son reaches a crisis point with his overbearing and abusive father.