Narrative Shorts 6

91 min.


Wednesday, Jul. 19 at 9:15pm


Peter Carlos
4 min.

A dying man tries to hang on until his killers are brought to justice.


John Gross
25 min.

A gay couple moves into their first apartment together and experiences paranormal activity.

Cursed World Problems

Stephen Province
5 min.

A group of supernatural individuals vent to each other in a special support group.

Dead Air

Abby Zahuranec
9 min.

A man finds himself in a tight place between a dangerous criminal, his loved ones, and a mysterious hotel television.

Deal Breaker

J. J. Miller
6 min.

A man struggles to rent out the spare room in his apartment.

Done Deal

Cory Mack
9 min.

Faced with signing away the memories of her dead son, a woman stands up for herself.

The Runt

Beth Ashby
12 min.

Waking up after a nearly successful suicide attempt, Chelsea is greeted by a Dr. Carter, but as the physician questions her, she begins to wonder whether something much stranger is at work.


Camila Morales
4 min.

Nearing the end of his life, a man is haunted by the shadows of a past tragedy.

Spooky Sweets

Abby Zahuranec
9 min.

A boy is forced to go trick-or-treating by his well-meaning mother as he deals with the loss of his father.

What's Written

Alex Van Almsick & Joe Hellberg
8 min.

A struggling writer discovers he must choose between the life of a child and the publication of his work.