Narrative Shorts: Drama 2

84 min.


Sunday, Jul. 14 at 6:15pm
Tanner Craft, 11 min.
A mother learns to deal with her son’s diagnosis.
Jon Alexander, 8 min.
A man must come to terms with his emotionally and mentally abusive behavior.
The Expert
Ed Wiesner, 9 min.
A young woman does her job so well that higher-ups decide there isn’t much for her to do anymore. 
The Grave of My Father
Josh Herum, 10 min.
When two half-siblings meet for the first time at their dad’s grave, something good emerges out of something bad.
Memory Box
Karl Shefelman, 11 min.
In this film — which is partially based on the novel “Mr. Wonderful” by writer/producer Daniel Blake Smith — a man’s visit with a loved one leads to a shattering revelation.
Dean Clark, 6 min.
After reuniting with an old flame, a man realizes how different life would be if they had stayed together.
Safe & Happy
Richard Ulrich, 9 min.
An ex-cop who has long kept an explosive secret from his wife and the world is suddenly exposed at a critical moment. 
Sweet Disposition
Ashleigh Brandmeyer, 9 min
A young shop worker is forced to recognize the wrongfulness of her prejudice toward cyborgs when she encounters one late on a winter night.
Then and Now
Jackson Olson, 11 min.
Three friends set out on a camping trip one last time before they part ways and move into the next chapter of their lives.