Narrative Shorts: Sci-Fi/Thriller

95 min.


Friday, Jul. 19 at 9:15pm
Abducted Anonymous
Nathan Karimi, 23 min.
The rich and powerful exploit the temptations of seven men.
Breaking Cycles
Brent Butler, 10 min.
A robotics engineer re-creates his late wife only to realize he has made a huge mistake.
The Exchange Student
Nathan Bowman, 5 min.
In this third-place winner of the Cinema at Citygarden Competition, a middle-school student embarks on a journey that leads to self-reflection and a newfound appreciation of nature.
Jess Stamper, 2 min.
George is called into human resources, and all is revealed.
The Lines We Cross
Jake Thebeau, 13 min.
Three survivors must navigate a barren world.
Rabbit’s Foot
Dustin Carter, 16 min.
A man’s dependency on a future device causes him to lose sight of reality.
The Shine
Tristian Montgomery, 4 min.
In this winner of the 2019 St. Louis Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival — based on a poem by Kendra Allen — a light shines brightly inside of black men, but certain forces fight hard to extinguish it. 
Richard Taylor, 5 min.
Mitch Majors uses his spaceship’s video log to chronicle a 28-year voyage to the distant Proxima Centauri system. 
The Stranger
Damon Davis, 17 min.
In this surrealist allegory to the American Diaspora’s return to the African continent, a stranger falls from the sky one day, in search of a castle and a queen that was shown to him in his dream.