Director Ron Stevens traces the unlikely beginnings of the world’s longest-running rock radio station, KSHE 95, which reached its 50th year of continuous rocking in 2017. Stevens, who was himself an integral part of KSHE as a DJ in the 1970s, interviews the very first person ever heard on the station’s air — at 7 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 11, 1961, years before it converted to album-oriented rock — and tracks down every major personality (or at least those still alive) who worked there through 1979.

Begun when precocious filmmaker Ramsay Tarquin was 15 — he’s still only 20 — “Fear Speech Fear Free” includes some footage of his youthful attempts to explore the topic of free speech and its essential importance in democracy. But those early, haphazard man-on-the-street talks quickly give way to a series of compelling, deep-dive interviews with key people involved in various free-speech issues: hackers, whistleblowers, journalists, and activists.