Directed by Marc Ferrer
Spain / 2021 / Narrative
79 minutes / Spanish

Like a lost early Pedro Almodóvar remake of Dario Argento’s “Tenebrae,” “Cut!” follows Marcos, an unsuccessful film director immersed in the shooting of his new giallo, as a black-gloved killer begins to wreak grisly havoc around his production. Clues lead the bumbling Barcelona police to believe it might be Marcos who’s busy slashing away at more than just his reels of film. The director must race to finish his latest and find the real killer, who could be any member of his motley queer crew, including his mordantly funny producer, a mysterious male ingénue, and several singing drag queens. With a tongue planted firmly in cheek, this deadpan meta-comedy knowingly and lovingly parodies conventions of gialli with a cast of bawdy performers that might make even John Waters envious.