Upcoming Events

The 317th Platoon

Friday, Mar. 8 at 7:30pm

In Pierre Schoendoerffer’s film adaptation of his own well-regarded novel — shot by the great Raoul Coutard — a platoon of French soldiers and Laotian allies fight... Read more

The Milky Way

Saturday, Mar. 9 at 7:30pm

The first of what Luis Buñuel later proclaimed a trilogy (along with “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” and “The Phantom of Liberty”) about “the search for... Read more

The Nun

Sunday, Mar. 10 at 7:00pm

In 18th-century France, novice Suzanne (a luminous Anna Karina) is compelled by her family to take her vows and become a nun. Doing what she can to resist, Suzanne... Read more

The Hole

Friday, Mar. 15 at 7:30pm

Four men in La Santé Prison, staring down the barrel at hard time, decide to execute a prison break and are forced to bring on a fifth member, Claude Gaspard (Marc... Read more

The Baker’s Wife

Saturday, Mar. 16 at 7:30pm

The warmth and wit of celebrated playwright-turned-auteur Marcel Pagnol (“The Marseille Trilogy” of “Marius,” “Fanny,” and “César”) shines through in this... Read more

One Sings, the Other Doesn’t

Sunday, Mar. 17 at 7:00pm

This unsung feminist anthem from Agnès Varda (“Faces Places,” “Vagabond,” “Cléo from 5 to 7”) is both a buoyant chronicle of a transformative friendship and an... Read more


Friday, Mar. 22 at 7:30pm

In his ruthlessly clear-eyed final film, French master Robert Bresson pushed his unique blend of spiritual rumination and formal rigor to a new level of astringency... Read more

Peppermint Soda

Saturday, Mar. 23 at 5:00pm

In the vein of such classic coming-of-age classics as François Truffaut’s “The 400 Blows,” Diane Kurys’ “Peppermint Soda” captures a particular moment in the... Read more

Cold Water

Saturday, Mar. 23 at 7:30pm

An acclaimed early work by Olivier Assayas that has long remained unavailable, the deeply felt coming-of-age drama “Cold Water” at long last makes its way to U.S.... Read more

My Night at Maud’s

Sunday, Mar. 24 at 7:00pm

In the brilliantly accomplished centerpiece of Eric Rohmer’s “Moral Tales” series, Jean-Louis Trintignant plays Jean-Louis, one of the great conflicted figures of ’... Read more

Saint Louis Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival

Friday, May. 3 at 6:00pm

Cinema St. Louis (CSL) and the Saint Louis Science Center are excited to announce the second edition of a science-fiction and fantasy short-film contest — an... Read more

I Love Movies Trivia Night

Friday, May. 17 at 6:00pm

Cinema St. Louis is hosting its 16th annual I Love Movies Trivia Night. The event takes place Friday, May 17, 2019, at the Centene Center for Arts and... Read more