Master Class: Suspense with a Camera

120 min.


Saturday, Nov. 11 at 2:00pm

Film scholar Jeffrey Michael Bays — who attended Webster U. before earning his M.A. in cinema from La Trobe University — brings the secrets of suspense out of the shadows. This master class explores easy techniques for keeping a film’s audience in a state of heightened anticipation. The class features clips from works by Hitchcock and the Coen Brothers — and, appropriately, a few surprises. Attendees will learn how to set up close-call moments, write visual sentences, and use the camera like a musical instrument. A writer, independent filmmaker, and “Hitchcock whisperer,” Jeffrey has helped thousands of filmmakers worldwide for more than a decade with his Hitchcock tutorials, books, and workshops. His intuitive understanding of the film craft has led to two how-to books — “Between the Scenes” and “Suspense with a Camera” — and numerous articles in MovieMaker Magazine, No Film School, and The Director’s Chair. Jeffrey was also writer and producer of the award-winning “Not from Space” on XM Satellite Radio (2003).