Fisn Men

Fish & Men

Directed by Darby Duffin & Adam Jones
Iceland, Norway, U.S. | 2019 | Documentary
85 minutes | English

“Fish & Men” explores the high cost of cheap fish in the modern U.S. seafood economy, exposing the forces threatening local fishing communities and public health, and revealing how our choices as consumers drive the global seafood trade. Centered on the fishing industry in Gloucester, Mass., the film looks at how disconnected Americans are from fish, particularly from the environmentally unsustainable methods used to get them from the ocean to our table. But “Fish & Men” also offers hope, documenting a new movement now underway that provides an opportunity to return sustainability to both fish and fishermen. Pioneering fishermen and celebrated chefs are promoting a revolutionary new model that shifts the focus away from imported fish. This “catch of the day” revival — based on local, seasonal, sustainable fish — is introducing consumers to new varieties of storied seafood and reconnecting them to those who risk their lives to harvest the bounties of the sea.

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