The Girl and the Spider

Das Mädchen und die Spinne
Directed by Ramon Zürcher & Silvan Zürcher
Switzerland | 2021 | Narrative
99 minutes | German

As her roommate Lisa prepares to move out of their apartment, Mara contemplates the end of an era. Furniture is moved, walls painted, cupboards built. Amid all the hustle and bustle, secret longings and desires come to the surface and coalesce around the roommates, Lisa’s mother, the movers, the girls’ old neighbors, the neighbors’ cat, Lisa’s new neighbor, and an ever-expanding cast of characters. Day turns into night and one final party in the apartment. When the last box is moved, the fragments of their lives remain. The Zürcher brothers compose a poetic panopticon of forms of human relationships that is at once a study of everyday life, a fairytale, and a psychological portrait of a brittle world. Following “The Strange Little Cat,” “The Girl and the Spider” is the second installment in a trilogy about human togetherness, a ballad about the need for closeness and the pain of separation. IndieWire writes: “The tantalizing mysteries in the latest film from the ‘Strange Little Cat’ team of Ramon and Silvan Zürcher never quite reveal themselves in this story about two roommates torn asunder and to separate middle-class flats in Berlin. While the mad entropy of this chamber piece — filled with doppelgängers, women coming and going from rooms, as T.S. Eliot might say — will drive some viewers barking insane, those patient and curious enough to soak in the fuzzy vibes of the film’s painterly reds and yellows and key into this film’s odd rhythms will find much to love.”