Oligase: Demon of Fear

Directed by Icko Gonzalez & John Valdes Tan
Philippines | 2020 | Narrative
100 minutes | Tagalog
Available Nov. 5-22
Available Only in MO/IL

“Oligase” tells the story of a “no-read and no-write” indigenous Matigsalug girl who rebels against her tribe’s strict beliefs about a monster who attacks and eats schoolchildren — the Oligase. Convinced that the monster is a folktale, Laha begins to see backwardness and ignorance in her elders, village, and life. Driven by a stubborn desire to study, learn, and gain knowledge, Laha runs away. Unbeknownst to her, however, greater and darker monsters await on her journey away from home. Laha begins to see that there are indeed monsters in the city — a deep evil that waits to devour and destroy in exchange for her dream. Will Laha be willing to pay the terrible price, or is there another path waiting for her?