Master Class Supplement


57 min
Available in the U.S.

As an adjunct to Master Class: Editing with Karen Pearlman, SLIFF offers a free program of films from the Physical TV Company that were edited, and sometimes directed, by Pearlman.

After the Facts (Karen Pearlman, Australia, 2018, 5 min.)

In the early years of cinema, editors were usually women. This short documentary looks at how they wielded power — and how their work was made invisible.

… the dancer from the dance” (Karen Pearlman, Australia, 2013, 28 min.)

Where does dance come from? What is it for? Where does it go when it leaves a dancer's body? “… the dancer from the dance” is a documentary that reveals the compelling stories and philosophies of culturally diverse, creative, and poetic dancers of all ages.

Digital Afterlives (Richard James Allen, Australia, 2018, 5 min.)

A man in white-winged angel shoes awakes in infinite black to the strains of Liszt’s “Dance of the Dead.”

Plastic (Samuel Lucas Allen, Australia, 2018, 4 min.)

“Plastic” is a real and surreal story of love, loss, and renewal, counterpointed by the minimalist electronic music of Micra. The work is a collision of emotionally rich psychological drama and cerebral construction — think “Before Sunrise” meets “Inception.”

Woman with an Editing Bench (Karen Pearlman, Australia, 2016, 15 min.)

Inspired by the woman who edited Dziga Vertov’s “Man with a Movie Camera” (1929), “Woman with an Editing Bench” reveals the personal impact of Stalin’s censorship of cinema on a woman navigating politics, bureaucracy, and the impetuous outbursts of collaborators to create something beautiful despite the odds.

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