Webster U./Sverdrup

Webster University’s Sverdrup Hall’s Room 123 (Webster U./Sverdrup)

8300 Big Bend Blvd

60 seats

Free parking is available immediately across Big Bend Boulevard from Sverdrup Hall; no permits are required on weekends. See Webster U. map.

Film scholar Jeffrey Michael Bays — who attended Webster U. before earning his M.A. in cinema from La Trobe University — brings the secrets of suspense out of the shadows. This master class explores easy techniques for keeping a film’s audience in a state of heightened anticipation. The class features clips from works by Hitchcock and the Coen Brothers — and, appropriately, a few surprises. Attendees will learn how to set up close-call moments, write visual sentences, and use the camera like a musical instrument.

Master Class: Suspense with a Camera

Award-winning filmmaker Dan Mirvish will lead a master class in indie-film directing. In a fun, participatory workshop, Dan will focus on a wide range of relevant topics, including financing, casting, directing actors, working with cinematographers, production sound, editing, and festival and distribution strategies for both shorts and features. He’ll even offer career advice (hint: marry well). Dan’s interest in film was first sparked by Webster U.’s own Van McElwee when Dan attended Washington U. and McElwee taught the only film class there.

Master Class: Directing an Indie Film