The Ballad of Lefty Brown


Saturday, Nov. 11 at 6:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

Loyal, crotchety, and rarely taken seriously, Lefty Brown (Bill Pullman) is a 63-year-old sidekick who’s ridden with Western legend Eddie Johnson (Peter Fonda) for his entire adult life. The newly appointed senator of Montana, Johnson plans to leave Lefty in charge of his ranch over the the objections of his spirited wife (Kathy Baker). But when a rustler kills Johnson, Lefty is forced from his partner's shadow. Devastated by guilt, he sets out on a journey that reunites him with old friends — U.S. Marshal Tom Harrah (Tommy Flanagan) and Gov. James Bierce (Jim Caviezel) — and requires him to confront the ugly realities of frontier justice. “Imagine a Western in which Walter Brennan goes gunning for the varmints who bushwhacked John Wayne,” writes Variety. “That’s pretty much the logline for ‘The Ballad of Lefty Brown,’ writer-director Jared Moshé’s solidly entertaining period drama, which can be enjoyed as both a straight-shooting homage to crotchety sidekicks and shoot-’em-up conventions, and a well-crafted movie about loyalty, betrayal, and redemption that dutifully acknowledges, without slavishly mimicking, the classic oaters that introduced those sidekicks, and established those conventions.”

111 min.

Directed by

Jared Moshé

Film Category

Studio Spotlight


Historical Drama Western

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