Experimental Shorts

94 min.


Sunday, Jul. 16 at 2:30pm


Maggie Zhu
10 min.

An exploration of existence and immortality.

Bearing Witness

Jun Bae
5 min.

An audiovisual tone poem that encourages us to re-examine the memories that ultimately define our identity.

Busy Do

Brandon Joseph Eckert
4 min.

An ex-gangster’s life is told through a PI's voicemail to "Tony."

Colorado | True Nature

Hieronymus Cole
5 min.

An immersion in Colorado's scenic beauty.

Down at Dusk

Kat Cory
5 min.

A natural landscape is transformed into the abstract in a visual exploration of the Zen Buddhist concept of ox herding.

An Empty Bliss

Will Morris
3 min.

After drinking absinthe at a picnic, a young couple starts hallucinating.

Even The Birds Know It

Zlatko Cosic & Rachel Cosic
3 min.

St. Louis birds share their views about the environment and the sociopolitical climate.


Jacob Zavertnik
17 min.

After an irreplaceable loss, a man confronts the visual manifestation of his grief to decide between acceptance or stagnation.


Natalie Rainer
3 min.

This ode to nature is a lively combination of organic and digital processes.

Linear Motion

Leilei Wu
3 min.

An exploration of the linear motion found in nature, ranging from car rides to water flowing on the window of an aircraft.

Ocean Breathes

Yihuang Lu
1 min.

Undulating patterns of light and motion set upon a great body of water.

The Other Room

Shaun Gavin
5 min.

A man awakens in a mysterious room and encounters myriad strange phenomena while attempting to care for some exotic cacti.

Shadow Track

4 min.

The vitality of nature is visualized in the simple black-and-white world of shadows.

Story 1: Scenes 1-9

Zlatko Cosic
5 min.

A multi-narrative experience in nine scenes.


Larry Ziegelman
4 min.

In this dark music video, a heartbroken ex-boyfriend pines for the girl he still loves even after she begins a new relationship.

Summer Louis

Davey Rocco
5 min.

A meandering visual exercise of nature’s interaction with man-made structures.

That's What You Get For Grabbing

Zlatko Cosic
4 min.

Abstract explorations of society from the Women's March in St. Louis on Jan. 21, 2017.


Wyatt Weed
4 min.

A music video for the original song "Turntable" by St. Louis artist Abigail Stahlschmidt.

You Look Like A Squirrel

Yuhan Zhang
4 min.

It’s hard out there for a squirrel.