Experimental Shorts

94 min.


Sunday, Jul. 16 at 2:30pm


Maggie Zhu

An exploration of existence and immortality.

Bearing Witness

Jun Bae

An audiovisual tone poem that encourages us to re-examine the memories that ultimately define our identity.

Busy Do

Brandon Joseph Eckert

An ex-gangster’s life is told through a PI's voicemail to "Tony."

Colorado | True Nature

Hieronymus Cole

An immersion in Colorado's scenic beauty.

Down at Dusk

Kat Cory

A natural landscape is transformed into the abstract in a visual exploration of the Zen Buddhist concept of ox herding.

An Empty Bliss

Will Morris

After drinking absinthe at a picnic, a young couple starts hallucinating.

Even The Birds Know It

Zlatko Cosic & Rachel Cosic

St. Louis birds share their views about the environment and the sociopolitical climate.


Jacob Zavertnik

After an irreplaceable loss, a man confronts the visual manifestation of his grief to decide between acceptance or stagnation.


Natalie Rainer

This ode to nature is a lively combination of organic and digital processes.

Linear Motion

Leilei Wu

An exploration of the linear motion found in nature, ranging from car rides to water flowing on the window of an aircraft.

Ocean Breathes

Yihuang Lu

Undulating patterns of light and motion set upon a great body of water.

The Other Room

Shaun Gavin

A man awakens in a mysterious room and encounters myriad strange phenomena while attempting to care for some exotic cacti.

Shadow Track


The vitality of nature is visualized in the simple black-and-white world of shadows.

Story 1: Scenes 1-9

Zlatko Cosic

A multi-narrative experience in nine scenes.


Larry Ziegelman

In this dark music video, a heartbroken ex-boyfriend pines for the girl he still loves even after she begins a new relationship.

Summer Louis

Davey Rocco

A meandering visual exercise of nature’s interaction with man-made structures.

That's What You Get For Grabbing

Zlatko Cosic

Abstract explorations of society from the Women's March in St. Louis on Jan. 21, 2017.


Wyatt Weed

A music video for the original song "Turntable" by St. Louis artist Abigail Stahlschmidt.

You Look Like A Squirrel

Yuhan Zhang

It’s hard out there for a squirrel.