Narrative Shorts: Horror 1

82 min.


Saturday, Jul. 13 at 9:00pm
Ashley Seering, 6 min.
An artist invites an especially harsh critic to her studio for an exclusive preview of her latest work.
Blood Trails
Daniel Rothermich, 12 min.
A vampire detective is approached by a new client who claims that he’s being threatened by vampires. 
Lacey “G Souldier” Turner, 43 min.
Years after the tragic death of Dr. James Flakka, who was killed by the citizens of Ferguson, eight friends go on a retreat to the property where the murder happened and find themselves targets of a vicious attack from something evil.
The Other Side
Tim M. Sullivan, 8 min.
After a fatal accident, a young man wanders through the afterlife in the hopes of escaping to the world of the living.
Devin P. Dillon, 6 min.
When a man starts a job at his stepfather’s storage facility, a ghostly presence tries to scare him from the lot.
Shawn D. Holt, 7 min.
After an armed robbery goes wrong, Lee hides out from the police and finds himself greeted by death.