Anais in Love

Anaïs in Love 

Directed by Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet
France / 2021 / Narrative
98 minutes / French

Flighty, impulsive, and carefree to a fault, Anaïs struggles to pay her rent, hold down a job, and finally finish a thesis that’s months overdue. Her irresistible charm barely keeps her afloat as she flees from one version of love or lust to another. Traditional monogamy with boyfriend Raoul doesn’t suit her. Her brief love affair with Daniel, a married man as old as her father, is lukewarm at best (but his home is at least a place to land for the time being). These relationships feel more like hobbies than commitments until Anaïs discovers Daniel’s effortlessly beautiful wife, Emilie. Immediately enamored by Emilie’s captivating aura of mature elegance, Anaïs rearranges every part of her already-haphazard life just to be near her. Intrigued by Anaïs’ forward advances, Emilie finds herself cautiously yearning for desires she thought she’d outgrown.