Lights, Camera, Take Action!

This is a year unlike any other, and Cinema St. Louis remains dedicated to bringing independent films to audiences of all ages.

Covid-19 has utterly derailed the economic security of most filmmakers, leaving two-thirds of artists unemployed. Because of the pandemic, creators are unable to safely produce films that bring their stories to life while also educating and inspiring audiences, a crucial distraction in today's society.

Help us sustain filmmakers and nurture their passion and talent well into the future. Make a contribution to our campaign today to empower artists tomorrow.

SLIFF receives over 2,400 film submissions on average each year. When filmmakers began sending in their films in January for review, the world was largely unaware of Covid-19. Now, however, most members of the filmmaking community are coping with an array of unknowns related to the coronavirus: Will they be able to complete their films? Will they find funding for their films? Will their films ever be seen? Festivals like SLIFF serve as key venues for films to receive initial attention. Film festivals in turn rely on a diverse foundation of revenue that includes funds from film submissions (which is 10 percent of SLIFF’s annual revenue).

Because of the challenges they’re facing, we intend to Pay it Forward to independent filmmakers whose works will stream at SLIFF this year (Nov. 5-22). To those who submitted films that will screen, we are committed to reimbursing their submission fees ($100 per feature and $30 per short).

We need YOU — our audience members, supporters, members, volunteers, and film lovers — to help us empower filmmakers to move beyond 2020.

We need YOU to help us continue to bring films rooted in compassion, learning, and community to audiences of all ages.