2022 Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival
Free Film Programs for St. Louis-Area Students (Grades 1-12)
Sponsored by Lucia Rosenbloom and Chip Rosenbloom
(in honor of Georgia Frontiere) and the Hawkins Foundation
with support from the Cardinals Care Foundation and the Jane M. & Bruce P. Robert Charitable Foundation

Cinema St. Louis and the 31st  Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) present their 19th year of Free Educational Film Programming, the Georgia Frontiere Cinema for Students (CFS) Program.

School forms and film details will be available by mid-September.


Because of Covid-19, we are not holding screenings at venues this year. All films will be offered for In-School and Remote-Learning Presentation only.

For in-school presentations of individual films, schools will need to be able to screen from a computer using a website link and password, preferably with a digital projector.

If students are learning remotely, teachers can either share the film during class through the platform used by the school (e.g., Zoom) or provide the students with the film link and password for viewing on their own.

Unless otherwise noted, filmmakers and/or documentary subjects are potentially available for remote Q&As; inquire about availability (provide the date/time requested).

CFS offers a diverse selection of films for grades 1-12, allowing students and educators to explore world cinema as a supplement to their current subjects of study. The films can enhance each student’s education by providing exposure to various aspects of science, history, social studies, literature, language, music, and culture. The program also offers two films in French (the narrative feature “Red Soil” and the short “Mama”) and a film in Spanish (the narrative feature “A World for Julius”).

To make reservations, use the online form below or contact Sandy Reid, CSL school-outreach coordinator, or Brian Spath, CSL operations supervisor:

Sandy Reid: 314-402-9781, CinemaForStudents@cinemastlouis.org

Brian Spath: 314-289-4153, brian@cinemastlouis.org

CFS Reservation Form

For printable information, here are PDFs of 2021 Cinema for Students Films and 2021 Educator Letter:

2021 Cinema for Students Films

2021 Educator Letter