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Facility Accessibility

The Hi-Pointe Theatre’s lobby, restrooms, and concession stand are all wheelchair-accessible. The auditorium has reserved seating for guests who use wheelchairs.

Assistive Technologies

Assistive technologies can be checked out and returned at the main concession stand. Please note that film distributors determine closed-captioning and descriptive-narration availability, so films we screen might not be enabled for systems.


In addition to a full-service concession stand stocked with popcorn, candy, soft drinks, and other snacks, the Hi-Pointe Theatre offers a full range of local beers and wines (must be 21+). Guests are welcome to enjoy bar beverages and other concessions in our auditorium.

The Hi-Pointe Main Theatre is equipped with the following:

  • 414 seats
  • 2K digital projection with 3D
  • 35mm projection
  • Dolby Digital Sound


What's showing at the Hi-Pointe Theatre right now? Where can I get descriptions of the films?
Check out the Now Playing section on the homepage or the Coming Soon page to learn which films are showing and which will arrive soon. Each film page contains a brief description of the film.

How early should I arrive for a typical showing?
We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before a film start so you can get your ticket, purchase concessions, find a seat, get comfy, and turn off your phone. Doors open 30 minutes prior.

How will I know if a movie showtime is sold out?
Check the film's detail page. If a given showtime is sold out and tickets can no longer be purchased, the show time will be grayed out, and you cannot add tickets to your cart. You can also call the box office during business hours. To reach the HI-POINTE THEATRE during business hours: 314-644-1100. 

Where should I park? How can I get to the theatre?

Theatre patrons have multiple parking options! Patrons may park on the streets in the surrounding neighborhoods. In addition, Lindell Bank is partnering with Cinema St. Louis to offer our patrons free parking in their lots outside of banking hours. This lot is located just across McCausland from the main house and is open to our guests after 6 pm M-F, after 12 pm on Saturday, and all day on Sunday. Please use the crosswalk at the intersection to cross to the theatre safely. DO NOT PARK at the former Backlot Theatre, Chinese Express, the Dispensary, or the Hi-Pointe Drive-In.  We also encourage individuals to explore the Hi-Pointe Theatre, honoring its historical significance when walking and community transportation were more common. Please consider carpooling, using public transit, choosing a ride service, or walking to enjoy the movie experience.

parking map


The Hi-Pointe Theatre

1005 McCausland Ave.

An understated and wonderful St. Louis gem, the Hi-Pointe Theatre was built in 1922. The theater is located at the incredible intersection of Interstate 64, Clayton Road, Clayton Avenue, McCausland Avenue, Forest Avenue, Oakland Avenue, and Skinker Boulevard, today also the home of the world’s largest Amoco sign, and just at the southwest corner of Forest Park. Taking its name from the surrounding neighborhood, it is the highest point in the City of St. Louis. Unlike other theaters of its time, the Hi-Pointe was always intended to show movies—not vaudeville or plays—on the big screen in a huge, comfortable auditorium.

During the early days of cinema, the Warner Bros. Circuit of Theatres operated the Hi-Pointe, followed by Fanchon & Marco, St. Louis Amusement, and St. Louis’s Arthur Enterprises.

St. Louisans George and Georgia James owned the theater since the 1970s. 

The theater has benefited from many renovations over its history. The aquamarine seating, a longtime favorite of St. Louis moviegoers, was added in 1963 and recently refurbished. Today, the theater boasts a huge new screen and explosive Dolby Digital sound while preserving the theater’s historic and neighborhood feel. This includes a cozy lobby, turquoise curtains, updated second-floor restrooms, and men’s urinals noted by the Riverfront Times as “best in St. Louis.”

As the oldest continuously operating single-screen movie theater in the St. Louis metropolitan area, the Hi-Pointe is proud to continue its 100-year tradition today. Moviegoers from all over the region love the Hi-Pointe, and it’s frequently voted St. Louis’s favorite theater.

See the newest movies in style at the oldest theater in St. Louis!

Present Day and Beyond

Cinema St. Louis (CSL) is humbled to carry on such a rich film tradition in St. Louis by acquiring the  Hi-Pointe Theatre as the new base of operations and programming in 2023. 

The James family shared: “After 45 years of owning the beloved Hi-Pointe Theatre, we have decided that it is time to end our run. We have been blessed to share this theater with 3 generations of our family and have had the privilege of helping it reach the magical age of 100 years. We know that Cinema St Louis is the perfect sequel to our story. They share the same passion and vision, and we are confident that they can carry on our family's legacy for the next 100 years. We thank you for your continued patronage, dedication, and support through the years. We will miss you all.”