Ask Any Buddy

Ask Any Buddy

78 minutes
Evan Purchell

“Ask Any Buddy” is a feature-length video companion to the Artforum Best of 2018 Instagram feed of the same name. The piece uses fragments from 126 theatrical feature films spanning the years 1968-86 to create a kaleidoscopic snapshot of urban gay life in the era — or at least how it looked in the movies. From casual tearoom cruising to actual police raids, “Ask Any Buddy” uses rare hardcore (but never gratuitous) footage shot at dozens of real bathhouses, bars, movie theaters, Pride parades, and legendary hotspots like New York's Hudson Piers to accurately depict the social practices and activities that actually went on at these locations. The Queer Review writes: “What emerges is not only a loving homage to the work of some of the pioneering gay adult filmmakers of that era like Arch Brown, Jack Deveau, Joe Gage, Wakefield Poole and Peter de Rome and their stars, but a celluloid celebration of gay love and sexuality in all its forms and the freedom and fun in the pursuit of pleasure.”

With a conversation between QFest co-programmer Joshua Ray and "Ask Any Buddy" director Evan Purchell.

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