Claire’s Knee

Claire’s Knee with Robert Garrick

Directed by Eric Rohmer
/ 1970
105 minutes

Jerôme (Jean-Claude Brialy) asks a provocative question — “Why would I tie myself to one woman if I were interested in others?” — even as he plans on marrying a diplomat’s daughter by summer’s end. Before the wedding, however, Jerôme spends his July at a lakeside boarding house nursing crushes on the 16-year-old Laura (Béatrice Romand) and, more tantalizingly, Laura’s long-legged, blond stepsister, Claire (Laurence de Monaghan). Baring her knee on a ladder under a blooming cherry tree, Claire unwittingly instigates Jerôme’s moral crisis and creates one of French cinema’s most enduring moments.

Intro and discussion by Robert Garrick, attorney, board member of the French-heritage organization Les Amis, and former contributor to the film blog.

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