Budapest Diaries

Budapest Diaries

Holocaust Stories Program
Directed by Shay Fogelman
Israel | 2023 | Documentary
61 minutes

“Budapest Diaries” documents the final year of World War II and the Holocaust of the Jews in Budapest, Hungary, through personal diaries written in real time by Jews and their Christian neighbors. Through diverse perspectives, the diaries depict daily decline, the persecution of the Jews, the battles that almost destroyed the city, and the disillusionment at the end of the war.

Shown with
demon box

Demon Box

Directed by
Sean Wainsteim
14 minutes

After repeated festival rejections, a director revises his personal short film about trauma, suicide, and the Holocaust. It transforms into a painful, blunt and funny dissection of film and his life. Please be advised that this film deals with themes of trauma and suicide.

Jack and sam

Jack and Sam

Directed by
Jordan Matthew Horowitz
20 minutes

Two Holocaust survivors reunite after 80 years. Now in their late 90s, Jack and Sam are spending the precious time they have left rekindling their friendship and teaching others about the dangers of hatred.