South Korea

Directed by Sungbin Byun

A transgender female dancer receives a call to report for a military-service examination.

Directed by Soon-a Nam
Directed by Yan Tomaszewski
Directed by Sea Jin Park
Directed by Hong Sangsoo

With “In Front of Your Face,” prolific South Korean auteur Hong Sangsoo suggests that perhaps the most…

Directed by Hong Sangsoo

For his 25th feature as director and his first as cinematographer, Hong Sangsoo offers a simple tale — in…

Directed by Jung Seung-hee
Directed by Chul Heo
Directed by Abraham Lim

SLIFF viewers with long memories will recall Abraham Lim’s first work as a director, “Roads and Bridges,”…

Directed by Bomin Lee
Directed by Hong Sangsoo

The 24th feature from Hong Sangsoo, “The Woman Who Ran” follows Gamhee (Kim Minhee), who has three…