Housekeeping for Beginners

Directed by Goran Stolevski
Macedonia | 2023 | Narrative
107 minutes

This sly portrait of an unconventional family tells the story of a vibrant yet complex multiethnic LGBT community living together in Duda's large apartment. After Duda loses her partner to cancer, she finds herself entrusted with the care of their two daughters, with support from a fake husband and his flamboyant, young gay lover. With child services snooping around, and when it matters the most, they find themselves a family in the truest sense as the relationships among them prove to be stronger than any racial, social, gender, or generational conflict. Director Goran Stolevski won the Queer Lion at the 2023 Venice Film Festival for this endearing realist dramedy. The film is the official submission of North Macedonia for the Best International Feature Film category of the 96th Academy Awards in 2024.