i think im sick

I Think I'm Sick

Directed by Danny Gevirtz
U.S. | 2023 | Narrative
106 minutes

After attempted suicide, Will's only regret is that he is still alive. He must redo his senior year feeling like an outsider as school gossip circulates. Struggling for significance, he haphazardly joins the school's cross country team, where he meets Robin, the girls’ team captain who is unusually interested in Will's past. Writer/director Danny Gevritz and Executive Producer Matti Haapoja have a combined 1.5 million followers on social media. It was their collective decision to honor. Suicide is not a one size fits all, suicide is not taboo, suicide is not revenge, suicide is never anyone’s fault, suicide should never be glorified. The film is part of the New Filmmakers Forum Emerging Director award competition.