Mole Agent

The Mole Agent

Directed by Maite Alberdi
Chile | 2020 | Documentary
90 minutes | Spanish
Available Nov. 5-22
Available Worldwide

Rómulo is a private investigator hired to investigate a retirement home in Chile where a resident may be regularly victimized by a thief. The only way to accomplish this, however, is to hire and train an elderly volunteer to blend in as a “mole agent” inside the home. Sergio, 83, thinks this will be a way to pass the time after losing his wife, but nothing can prepare him for the realities of senior living. Once he infiltrates the home, Sergio struggles with the surveillance technology and his role. As real-life feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and frustration begin to set in, Sergio also finds humor, compassion, and community among the elderly. writes: “The documentary succeeds with its tenderness, while vividly reminding us how easily society can forget its elders. Sonia, the woman Sergio has been sent to look after, is not the only resident who has family members who do not check in on them, and who ask others to do it. But thankfully there’s kind people like Sergio, and the sense that friendship knows no age.”

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