Generosity comes in many forms, one of which is to financially support important causes that matter most to you.

Many people contribute to nonprofit organizations through their will or trust because they are deeply connected to the organization's mission.

When you choose to be remembered through a contribution to Cinema St. Louis, you inspire other members of the St. Louis community to explore empowering stories through independent film for generations to come.


Cinema St. Louis Marquee Society

The Marquee Society recognizes donors with legacy contribution plans for Cinema St. Louis' (CSL) future through the Endowment Fund. This society* connects those who love the year-round film programming presented by CSL and want to sustain the mission forever. If you are planning to remember CSL in this way, we invite you to become a member.

*Society recognition is voluntary and not required with Endowed or Legacy contributions.

Cinema St. Louis Endowment Fund

The Cinema St. Louis Board of Directors established an Endowment Fund in 2019, designed to provide sustaining support to the year-round film and educational programming presented by the organization.

Donors who wish to contribute to the Endowment Fund may do so in one of the following program areas: Filmmakers, Education, Program Expansion, and General Operating Support. Donors may also establish their own Endowed Fund in honor or in memory of a loved one.

In considering a legacy contribution, please explore the giving options and resources detailed below.

Contributions During Your Lifetime

Helpful Legacy Giving Resources


To learn more about the Marquee Society, the Endowment Fund or leaving a lasting legacy through a legacy contribution,

please contact Bree Maniscalco at 314-289-4154.

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