proof sheet

Proof Sheet

Directed by Richard Kilroy
U.S. | 2022 | Narrative
125 minutes

East Los Angeles, Echo Park, 1999: Angel Lopez is about to celebrate his 21st birthday, but his life is a bit go-nowhere. He hopes to one day turn his love of photography into a profession, so he works for minimum wage at his uncle’s photo lab. One night while closing the shop he discovers a roll of film marked RUSH in the night drop box. As he processes the prints, images appear that will change his life forever: 24 black-and-white photos of a beautiful young woman being attacked in her apartment. For Angel, this proof sheet becomes a visual map that sends him on an obsessive journey into LA's dark underbelly at the turn of the millennium. This slick, modern film noir takes the genre in exciting new directions while remaining faithful to its roots.