when time got louder

When Time Got Louder

Directed by Connie Cocchia
Canada | 2022 | Narrative
114 minutes

Abbie departs for college leaving behind her parents and a non-verbal, autistic brother Kayden. As Abbie enjoys her new independence and budding relationship with a woman, her parents try to teach Kayden more independent life skills and adjust his routine without Abbie. Kayden’s internal and external struggles increase as he cannot communicate with his sister. When Abbie returns home for the holidays she discovers Kayden is in the hospital, and as a family they must find a solution for his future. The story touches upon the immense impact autism has on siblings and parents, and shows the importance of sibling connection and the unconditional bond between family. With a focus on authenticity, Kayden is played by a young man on the autism spectrum, all onscreen artwork is from the autism community, and all of the licensed music in the film is derived from the autism and LGBTQ+ communities.